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daily horoscope

What is horoscope?

Horoscope is a pictorial representation of sun moon planets at an event moreover observing things on basis of time. It is an interpretation which is based on position of sun and planets in solar system at the time of your birth. When you can’t find answers to the questions aroused in your mind we provide you guidance through our daily horoscope service.

Some people have a habit of reading their forecast in morning and few rely totally on horoscope to make any major decision. In such case you can consult with our astrologers. The horoscope is classified in two categories general and personal. Generalized horoscope focuses on a group or community whereas personal horoscope focuses on a individual.

Daily Planetary Overview

Each planet is a ruler of a particular zodiac sign. The daily movement of these planets reflects day to day life of a person. Experts predict daily horoscope based on daily planetary motion. There are various ways to calculate the position of planets but mainly we assume longitude.

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